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We assist businesses in their start-up process, offer management accounting, prepare tax returns, conduct audits and other financial services.

Who We Are

ADELFIA LLC (the Company) was formed by a group of individuals who possess a wealth of accounting, auditing and industry experience especially in the public sector market, private and small businesses and minority-owned firms involved in healthcare, service and education. The team is comprised of professionals who have more than 70 years of combined professional experience in Auditing, Accounting, Taxation, Financial Planning, and Information Systems Review/Audit/Consulting.

The Company’s professional staff have assisted start-up companies, small businesses, and minority-owned entities with their general financial management systems, operational improvement initiatives, audit and attestation requirements, feasibility studies, and other functional requirements.

What We Believe

We believe in “value-added service”, that quality services need to be provided to clients, regardless of personnel size and complexity of operations. The team also believes in “flexibility with accountability”, that each one is responsible for the results of rendering professional services, not limited within the walls of the Company’s main office or client’s office, or within office hours. The Company believes in fostering an ideal working environment, providing equality amongst the team members. We place high regard to the relationship of trust between us and our clients and any firms/person we deal with. We are committed to the safekeeping of confidential information and we maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect that information. We keep all information about our engagement confidential, so we will not disclose any information unless we are given approval or are required/permitted by law. This applies even if business relationships are terminated.

How We Work

We approach each of our financial consulting, assurance, and tax advisory engagements by establishing specific measurable goals, objectives, and results. We, at ADELFIA LLC, understand the issues, policies, and processes involved in enabling businesses to achieve higher levels of effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability. We ensure that our clients are left with tangible, useable, and practical alternatives that can be applied to addressing future management improvement endeavors. We plan and design our engagement using a risk-based approach and we explore alternate means of achieving our engagement objectives for efficiency and effectiveness.

The Company is a member of the following interest groups in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants:
  • The Private Companies Practice Section
  • Government Audit Quality Center
  • Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center

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